Friday, July 30, 2010


Have you ever had someone take something that was yours away from you? Humans try it with me ALL the time. I take my possesions seriously...I mean if it is MY's MINE. I have had several...and I do mean several stuffed animals that are just the greatest to play with. I guess I kinda play with them 'to death'. If I have one available, I am usually carrying it around with me. The problem is they don't seem too last long. For that reason I have had many many toys, and all of them have been sooo much fun! My biggest problem is if I am left with a toy by myself, I kinda forget what I am doing and simply use them as dental floss. Feels so good to just chew and chew and chew...when mom or dad or my boy comes home they find a pile of material having very little resemblance to my toy. Even if I have left the evidence outsisde, all they have to do is look at me and my face gives me boy says he has never seen a dog cry, but that is what I look like I'm doing without the tears.

When I do have a current toy, I have lots of different games to play. Keep Away has been one of my favorites, or another version I like is "Just Try to Take It Away From ME!" idea of Tug a War. I have been known to drag my mom all over the house..hah, I am soo much stronger than her boy...not so much, he is the one dragging ME all over.


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